What is AnnoCraft 1602?

AnnoCraft 1602 is a Minecraft Forge modpack, which is actively developed by Onkelz-Freak1993. The main point of the modpack is to build your own small city and participate in the game economy. The game economy consists of coins that you can get by trading with other players or from NPCs. You can also look for lucrative jobs on the bulletin board in villages.

Build your own city and raise a family, or try your hand at being an adventurer

➥ Situational, atmospheric music
➥ Build your ship out of perfectly normal blocks, put an helm on it and set sail!
➥ Choose your calling. Be an Adventurer, a miner, a trader, a blacksmith, a lumberjack, a butcher, a baker, a stonemason, a carpenter, or even a pirate! The sea knows no laws …
➥ Speaking of laws: Your city, Your rules.
➥ Seasons. Arm yourself for cold winter nights or you won’t survive for long.
➥ The cultivation of different foods depends on the season. Tomatoes e.g. grow only in summer, while strawberries only bloom in spring. Prepare for the winter! After all, you don’t want to go to bed hungry …
➥ Discord Chat Integration. Write with people on our Discord, from within Minecraft, and vice versa!
➥ Ingame Voice Chat Integration. Talk to other players in AnnoCraft 1602: Islands!
➥ Would you like to be your own master and become mayor of your own metropolis? You can do that with MineColonies!
➥ Make sure you have enough food and protect your residents from monsters that roam through the bushes and alleys at night!
➥ Make sure you have enough work and your residents will lack for nothing!
➥ Trade with other cities, good diplomacy will help you on your feet!
➥ Are you a family person? Then find a spouse and start your own little family. In your own city too, even with other players!
➥ The mayor’s office is not your thing? Never mind. Just join other villages and do your duties.
➥ More of a daredevil? Try your hand at the huge underground dungeons in distant lands and collect a lot of loot, which you can keep for yourself or sell for lots of money.
➥ Do you prefer to answer the call of the sea? Then build your own ship and defy the sea and the forces of nature. But be careful! The sea doesn’t belong to anyone, there are no laws out there …

It took its time, but it is now online! The new website includes a social network and a forum to share everyone’s content with one another. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know!I wish you, as always, a handsbreath of water underneath […]

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